{ don't tempt me }

Don’t tempt me with your calories
A promise of fulfilment, taste-buds piqued. 
Don’t tempt me with your charisma,
A smile playing on your lips 
(God I’m easy to sway)

 ‘Lead us not into temptation’
Said no rebel ever.
Deliver us from evil
The chants of the school dinner hall 
With every kid daydreaming 
An imagination of temptation 
To take them away from the every day. 

 Don’t tempt me with your promises 
The dreams that move out of my reach
Don’t tempt me with money or fame 
The promise of eternal youth
Of twelve hours of sleep
Of power. 

 ‘I can resist everything except temptation’ 
Said Oscar Wilde 
(as he worked his way through the deadly, wonderful sins)
I resist those with ugly minds. And ugly hearts.
Climate change deniers 
Pro-gun lobbies
I resist those who don’t agree with me 
(I don’t want to admit that I might be wrong) 
So don’t tempt me with your facts. Or tweets
Or fake news. 
Don’t tempt me with your lies.

 Don’t tempt me with brilliance. 
With flattery, with praise.
I’ll fall for it like always 
Like I fall for shoes, for wine
For cereal with chocolate milk. 
Temptation always get me 
Love, dreams, stories. Your eyes.

So don’t tempt me 
With temptation 
It’s too tempting
To me.

{ perchance to dream }

Too full of thoughts. Crammed full, choc-a-block.  
All tightly wound in my head.  
Marching, shouting, with a clear point of view 
That they share once I'm tucked up in bed. 
 Count sheep? Oh no, my sheep like to have 
A say in current affairs. 
Mindfulness games sound like an idea 
But my mind always ends up elsewhere. 
Perhaps I'll just snooze, close my eyes for a moment 
And float away down the stream 
Meandering, falling, just like a version of Alice  
 into the valley of dreams. 

'Are you there?' Says A Thought 
'No, go away.'  
'I am dreaming, and sleeping'  
'And have no time today.' 

'But I have an IDEA, a conundrum, a plan!' 
The Thought pushes into my mind 
A whole entire list of ponderings 
That need to be addressed, here, right now. 

'What about That and This Thing that concerns you' 
'And whether you should give up on That.' 
'Why did you say That, and did you do This?' 
'And What, Where and When, Why and How?' 

Stirring and blinking, wrenched back to the Now 
I allow the Thoughts to run round. 
But I have a weapon, a new secret skill 
In my battle for sleep that stays sound. 

Ok you Thoughts. I have an idea. 
You'll be out, you'll be true, you'll be real! 
I'm going to write you all down on a page 
To see that you're not a big deal. 

And then the Thoughts changed, morphed, rearranged 
Quietly slipped into teams 
Not to pester or jabber or be a pain in my head 
But to let me sleep, let me be, let me dream.

{ the ampersand }

Such curves, such edges 
Such nonchalance. 
Undulating, twisting, looping 
Unending potential. 
A continuous line, bent into form 
Such promise, such unfinished business... 
You & 
Me & 
& What? 
& Then... 
Implied consistency, but the ability 
To take on so many shapes  
And silhouettes 
Sans-serif, clean, Futura (bold?) 
Traditional, with flourishes  
Caslon or Goudy. 
Draw one, quickly – don't break the promise 
Of the unbroken line, twisted into a possibility.  
& a little bit more... 
A link, a bridge, a connection 
Never a full stop. 
Don't start with one.  
Don’t end with one. 
&…then what?