{ Finding your voice }

For any brand, what they say and how they say it can have a huge impact on perception, engagement and industry position. For luxury brands, there are even more nuances to tackle to ensure personality and position are clearly communicated.

There are two sides to creating beautiful communications: the content, and the tone of voice. Most, if not all luxury and prestige brands will have a wealth of storytelling to exploit: heritage, product, design, community and seasonal collections are just some of the areas. These stories will help to form the basis of all brand communications, from brochures and press releases to the sometimes mammoth task of creating and attributing content for a new website or digital campaign.

There are also places where a brand must interact with customers and compete with similar brands. Two increasingly important areas are Customer Services and multi-platform Social Media. Here, brands need to be confident and clear in situations that are often outside of their control. Brands with a strong and deliberate tone of voice are the ones that will stand out. For example: how should we speak to customers when there is no human voice involved? How do we engage with them in their own environments? How can we set the standards for our industry and ensure consistency across all platforms, when their are many metaphorical plates in the air?

All the above are examples of how I work with each of my clients. They all have different requirements and as such I work to tailored briefs. In some cases they require help editing existing content, and more often and not require bespoke copywriting for a variety of areas. For other projects I start from the very beginning, working with the internal teams to develop tone of voice guidelines and a holistic communications strategy. There are also many detective missions, where I explore the brand from top to bottom to find the stories and create content that is as rich, compelling and engaging as possible.